Personalised and expert advice in competition law and EU law

Lavoielegal is committed to providing a personalised and expert legal service to its clients at the best value for money. Our service is founded on the values of excellence, integrity, independence and understanding of business needs. With extensive experience in competition law and EU regulatory law, we can assist you in developing competition-compliant business strategies with a defensive or offensive purpose, whether it be reviewing business arrangements for compliance with competition law and EU law, advising on abuse of dominant position, setting up global or local compliance programs or preparing tailored workshops and giving trainings on competition law. We also provide you with EU merger control advice to guide you through proposed acquisitions or mergers, assist with notifications to the European Commission and coordinate multi-jurisdictional filings with support from local counsel.

Lavoielegal caters to a variety of clients, from businesses and law firms to public administrations.

We are available to support in-house counsel and businesses in need of punctual, or more extensive, specialist advice in the area of competition law or EU regulatory law. With long-standing experience in advising in relation to different industries, including in particular financial services, we provide dedicated and targeted support in line with your business needs.

Lavoielegal also works with law firms to provide complementary or over-flow support in all areas of competition law or EU regulatory law. In particular, we are well-positioned to provide law firms without a presence in Brussels or requiring specialised expertise in these areas with support of the highest quality at cost-efficient value.

Lavoielegal also provides legal support to public administrations in need of specialist support in competition law and EU regulatory law. This includes developing and providing trainings to staff in relation to competition regulation and EU regulatory law as well as providing assistance in the development of a regulatory framework, best practices and guidance in the area of competition regulation.

As a small dynamic outfit, Lavoielegal offers the advantage of independence, limited risks of conflict of interest, low fixed costs and the hands-on involvement of a highly experienced practitioner. Where needed, Lavoielegal can also rely on a network of specialist local counsel in other jurisdictions for support.

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